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Axial Flow Turbines for Hydraulic Oil or Water Glycol

The QT100 & QT200 (formerly known as RE4 or RE6) series turbines have long internal flow straighteners on both the inlet and outlet sides of the meter resulting in an exceptionally accurate and reliable reading. They come equipped as standard with test points for pressure and temperature sensors enabling all three major parameters to be monitored from one Hydrotechnik datalogger or similar equipment. 

Pressure ratings up to 420 bar and temperature rating of 120°C make this unit perfect for the hydraulics industry. Available in 4 sizes from 1 L/min up to 600 L/min, ensures there is a unit to meet your requirements. Versions are also available with increased IP protection.

Discover our brand new calibration serivce, we can now calibrate a wide range of flow meters -

Alternatively if you are looking for suitable datalogging kits discover- Hydrotechnik UK range of hydraulic data loggers.