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BOROHARDCAN® energy efficient coupling

Energy efficient borosilicate glass canister, providing energy savings up to 30%. No eddy current loss therefore no heat generation, so lower input power required.

Product advantages

  • Energy savings up to 30 %
  • Improved pump efficiency
  • Cost effective in comparison with ceramic
  • Lower input power required
  • Downsizing of coupling and electrical motor possible
  • No eddy current loss – therefore no heat generation
  • NdFeB magnets can be used for applications up to max. 180°C
  • Sm2 Co17 magnets can be used for applications up to max. 350°C
  • Temperature resistance -250°C up to +450°C
  • Pressure resistance max. 16 bar depending on the construction range
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Perfect for high speed and dry running applications
  • Conversion units for PU applications with BOROHARDCAN®

Economic energy savings up to 30% can be realised in magnetic coupling systems through the application of the BOROHARDCAN®

Replacement on existing machines and plants is simple since the connecting dimensions are the same to standard DST canisters.

The BOROHARDCAN® is ideal for applications in the normal and low pressure range up to 10 bar for pumps, mixers, homogenizers, sterilizers, autoclaves, fans, and PU systems.

  • DST BOROHARDCAN® magnetic coupling

    BOROHARDCAN® energy efficient magnetic couplng