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Magnetic couplings and drives

UK Flowtechnik offer the range of permanent hermetically sealed magnetic drive couplings and pump conversions kits manufactured by DST in Germany.

The magnetic coupling is a contactless method of rotating one shaft by another. As all required sealing is static there is no component wear, guaranteeing a leak free shaft rotation of pumps, blowers, mixers & agitators.

Magnetic couplings are used in pump and agitator systems to isolate the electric motor drive from highly toxic and/or aggressive liquids. This has the advantage of removing dynamic seals which have a finite lifetime and are prone to leakage. They replace mechanical seals with a complete and air-tight static permanent seal. The coupling provides complete isolation between the wet and dry systems.

Magnetic couplings are synchronous i.e the output shaft speed is exactly equal to the input speed, so the couplings can be designed with 100% efficiency. Magnetic couplings can also be used as a torque limiter to protect system drive components.


  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Very high efficiency
  • Torque Overload protection
  • Eliminates the need for dynamic shaft seals
  • Tolerate shaft misalignments

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