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DIMF Density Sensor Range

The DIMF series density / concentration meter is based on the oscillating element principle. The fluid to be measured flows through an oscillating element (tuning fork or tube) that is excited electromagnetically and oscillates at it's natural frequency. Changes in the density of the fluid lead to changes in the natural frequency. These frequency changes are picked up by the electronic transducer and converted into a signal proportional to density or concentration.

  • Density Sensor

    DIMF Compact Density & Concentration Sensor

    Density range: 500-1500 KG/m³, 0 - 6L/min

  • Density DIMF 1.3 Density Sensor

    DIMF 1.3 Density Sensor

    Density Range: 0 - 5000KG/m³, 0-10L/min

  • DIMF density sensor

    DIMF 2.0 Density Sensor

    Range: 0 to 5000KG/m³, 0 - 50L/min

  • DIMF density sensor

    DIMF 2.1 High Flow Density Sensor

    Density Range: 0 - 5000KG/m³, 0-350 L/min