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VHM series circular gear flow meter for paints

The VHM gear Series have been developed for high precision flow metering. Suitable for a wide variety of liquids, especially liquids with high abrasiveness and poor lubricity. Special versions are available for metering of electrostatically charged paints.


  • Are dead optimised for (easy flushing) use in the paint industry and for paint spraying systems
  • Available with single, double or quadruple resolution, signal-output with NPN-or PNP-switching mode
  • Signal pick-ups with Ex certification (EEX ia IIC T6...T4) and signal pick-ups with a fibre optic output are applicable for hazardous locations.


  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharaceutical and cosmetic industry
  • two-componenet mixers, paints, aviation