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M & N Series Variable Area flowmeter

Utilised in applications such as mobile hydraulic equipment and industrial process control, ensures sufficient flows of coolants and lubricants. Flow ranges up to 570 l/min for Air, Water, Oils & Chemicals. 1/4" to 2". Aluminium, Brass & Stainless Steel. Pressures up to 414 bar with 1 or 2 settable alarm switch outputs.

  • UL-approved:  UL Approved for loads up to 10 amp @ 110/220 VAC.
  • Field adjustable alarm setting: Only an allen wrench is required to change the flow alarm setting.
  • Weather-tight construction: Rugged cast aluminum NEMA type 4X enclosure allows installation in outdoor applications and in environments where liquid tight seals are required.
  • Simple on/off logic: Positive alarm points using 10 A., dry-contact, SPDT switches reduce the complexity found in standard rotameter OFF/ON/OFF circuits.
  • Pre-wired with cable disconnect: The standard Hirschmann interconnection provides easy installation and maintenance of the FLOW ALARM and the system it is a part of.
  • Unrestricted mounting: Allows the designer to install the monitor in any orientation-horizontal, vertical or inverted.
  • Economical protection: This monitor rapidly pays for itself as it “sounds the alarm” on incorrect pneumatic, lubrication or cooling volumes, protecting expensive equipment and reducing downtime.
  • Quality assurance: Can be an integral part of a quality control system, yielding consistent system operation.