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DP Insertion wheel flowmeters Pelton Wheel Flowmeters


Datasheet (PDF)

The Dual Pulse insertion flow transducer is an innovative design combining well proven technology with the performance enhanced by the use of modern engineering materials to provide a cost effective and reliable means of measuring the flow of a wide variety of low viscosity of liquids.

Typical industry applications include:

  • HVAC - Hot & chilled water, Fire system & Thermal energy monitoring.
  • Municipal - Water distribution, Water management and Water treatment. Irrigation - Water management.
  • Water treatment - Chlorination, De-salination & mechanical filtration plants, Chemical injection systems.
  • Refineries - Primary flow additive injection, Fire & cooling systems.
  • Power generation - Boiler feed water, Steam condensate, Process water & water balancing.
  • Chemical - Process & cooling tower water, Chemical & water batching.


Datasheet (PDF)
  • Dual pulse flow meter

    Dual Pulse Insertion Flow Transducers

    DP490 / DP525