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Clearview flow meters

Unrestricted mounting: Allows for horizontal, vertical or inverted installation of the meter.

Compact and rugged design: Measures less than 8-1/4" long and 2-7/16" diameter with a rigid tube and union nut design.

Visual inspection of fluid: The transparent body allows for visual inspection of fluid conditions. Diagnose problems at a glance.

Multiple materials and calibrations available: With a variety of wetted materials of construction and media calibrations, the ClearView™ will be well suited to your process.

Sensing method assures accuracy: The proven variable-area piston metering assembly provides accurate, dependable flow rate indication.

Superior readability: High contrast scale/indicator provides easy-to-read flow rate measuring resolution along with dual units of GPM and LPM.

Multiple porting options: ClearView end ports are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and threading options, to simplify installation.

Low cost precision: Measuring accuracy of ±5% of range and repeatability of ±1%.

Engineering specifications:

The Basic Series Liquid Flow Rate Meter Shall:
• Use the variable area piston metering method to measure flow rate.
• Not require inlet or outlet straight plumbing, or require vertical pipe mounting.
• Have a measuring accuracy of ±5% of full scale with ±1% repeatability.