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Beinlich External Gear Dosing Pumps

ZP series External Gear Dosing & Transfer pumps for the processing of chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, paints and food industries as well as oil hydraulics, two and multi-component machines, shipbuilding and aircraft construction. Ideally suited for corrosive, abrasive and aggressive fluids, with temperatures up to 350 degrees C. From 0.3 to 2,600 cc/rev, to 200bar operating pressure with Viscosities of 0.8 - 1,000,000 mPas. Large ranges of pump and shaft seal options, as well as gear coatings, which are selected according to the application.


  • 1K-/2K- or multi-component dosing machines incl. PUR applications, resins, hardeners, isocyanates, polyols, phenols, additives, fats, etc.
  • Adhesive technology, e.g. hotmelt, glues (e.g. methyl acrylate).
  • Ink and paint dosing, e.g. ink supply Polymer applications, e.g. prepolymers.
  • Chemical processing, e.g. alcohols, cleaning fluids, solvents, formic acid, sodium hydroxide solutions, kerosene, toluene, phosgene, brine, deionized water.
  • Food process industry, e.g. butter, margarine, mustard, chocolate, egg whites, gelatine, syrup, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, e.g. lotions, shampoos, creams, oils, etc.
  • Hydraulic mineral & thermal oil applications.