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Process Sensors

UK Flowtechnik offer a wide range of sensors for process measurement & control:

  • Temperature Sensors (tank or line mounting)
  • Level Sensors & Switches (guided wave radar, capacitive or mechanical float type)
  • Pressure Transducers with a wide range of electrical connections and signal outputs
  • Density Sensors for Density or Concentration measurement and control

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  • Temperature Sensors

    Temperature Sensors PT100
    Economical, robust & accurate Temperature Sensors for Tank or Line Mounting with many material choices.

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  • Level Sensors & Switches

    Level Sensors & Switches
    A range of level sensors & switches to suit all budgets and technical requirements including radar, mechanical float, capacative & hydrostatic types

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  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure Transmitter
    High Quality & Competitively priced Pressure transducers with a wide range of electrical connection and signal outputs.

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  • Density Sensors

    DIMF density / concentration sensor
    Direct measurement of density, reference density or concentration with robust construction & high accuracy. ATEX certified & HART protocol versions

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