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Fuel Consumption Kits Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow meters

Oval Gear Meter Fuel Consumption Kits: Diesel Engine Fuel Usage, Measurement, Monitoring and Testing Kits with flow meters, cables and instrumentation supplied in stylish carry case.

Flowtechniks range of oval gear flowmeters from Flomec and Bopp & Reuther are ideal for the measurement of fuel usage of diesel engines. With a flow and return line, monitoring fuel consumption in diesel engines can pose a problem. By fitting two oval gear flowmeters from our extensive range from Flomec or Bopp & Reuther, coupled with the FRT12 display which subtracts one reading from the other, fuel consumption monitoring becomes easy. Flowtechnik offers a range of accessories including logging of fuel consumption data, automotive quality power supplies, cable sets, quick connecting plugs and sockets instead of cable glands and a range of kit cases from simple storage cases to fully water proofed impact resistance cases. All kits come fully labeled and pre programmed for ease of installation.

  • Minimise fuel consumption – train drivers to drive economically
  • Optimise performance of diesel engines and generator sets
  • Measure and confirm fuel consumption figures under actual conditions
  • Log engine performance for long term condition monitoring
  • Understand how changes in equipment or load effect consumption
  • Diesel Fuel Consumption Test Kit

    Fuel Consumption: Diesel Engine Fuel usage, Measurement, Monitoring and Testing Kits