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FN series Large Industrial Mag Flow Meters

FN Series, Industrial Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters, DN6 to DN1200 Flanged Connections

Magnetic Inductive or EMF flowmeters use the principles described by Faraday to derive the velocity of a conductive liquid flowing through a magnetic field. The FN Series transposes this principle into a rugged, industrial package which is able to measure almost any conductive liquid.

  • Measuring range: 0.1 to 10 m/s
  • Connections: DN6 to DN1200 DN or ANSI Flanges (other flange styles on request)
  • Linearity: better than ±0.2% of reading
  • Minimum conductivity: down to 5µs/cm
  • Pressure rating: up to 40 bar
  • Temperature rating: up to 150ºC
  • Options: Liners and electrodes to suit most media
  • FN201 Series Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters

    FN201 Series, Industrial Magnetic Inductive Flowmeters