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G2 Series Industrial Axial Turbine Flow Meter

G2 Series ATEX Industrial Meters in Aluminium, Brass, PVDF, Stainless Steel and Hygienic designs with battery powered flow rate and dual totalising display.

The self contained battery powered G2 series are an ideal and cost effective way of monitoring the flows of low viscosity liquids in industrial and Hygienic environments. For higher temperatures a remote display can be supplied along with additional modules to give a pulsed or analogue output if required. All Aluminium, Brass and Stainless Steel designs (except the Hygienic units) are now ATEX certified Intrinsically Safe.

Sizes from 1/2" to 2", 3.8-38 L/Min to 76-760 L/Min with BSP or NPT female threaded connections. Flow rate and dual total display

  • G2A Aluminium for diesel and petroleum based fluids
  • G2B Brass for Water & Glycol
  • G2S Stainless Steel for Water & Chemicals
  • G2H High pressure Stainless Steel for Hydraulics
  • G2P PVDF for Harsh Chemicals (acids)
  • G2SF Stainless Steel Flanged for Water & Chemicals
  • G2ST Stainless Steel Hygienic Tri-Clover for Food & Beverages
  • G2 ATEX Flowmeter in Aluminium

    G2 Series Aluminium for petroleum based fluids


  • G2B ATEX Turbine Flowmeter

    G2 Series Brass for water or petroleum based fluids


  • G2 Stainless Steel series Turbine flowmeter

    G2 Series Stainless Steel for water & most chemicals


  • G2H High pressure flow meter

    G2 Series High Pressure Stainless Steel for Water & Oils


  • G2 ATEX Industrial flowmeters

    G2 series PVDF turbine flowmeters for harsh chemicals and acids


  • G2T triclamp hygienic flowmeter

    G2 Series Hygienic Tri-Clover turbine flowmeter


  • G2F Flanged Stainless Steel Flow meter

    G2 series Stainless Steel Flanged


  • LCD displays for G2 series flow meters

    G2 series flow turbines with LCD display