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Rigid & Damped Bellhousings

  • Connection elements between IEC & NEMA electric motors, petrol motors and hydraulic pumps
  • Available for nearly all hydraulic pumps ex stock at short notice
  • Rigid (Form A) and noise absorbing models (Form B) according to VDMA 24561
  • Standard bellhousings made of aluminium (suitable for ATEX zone 2)
  • Bellhousings made of steel & stainless steel on short lead time for ATEX zone 1, offshore and hazardous area applications
  • Our P+Calculator is available on-line or on CD ROM free of charge for easy selection of the required bellhousing and coupling.

NEMA Adapters

NEMA adaptors work to connect the elements between electric, petrol motors and hydraulic pumps.

Foot Brackets

Aluminium foot brackets for the horizontal installation of motor-bellhousing-pump.

Damping Elements

  • Damping Rods. Apply Damping Rods to reduce noise and dampen vibrations
  • Damping Flanges. Damping flanges are used in conjunction with aluminium or steel bellhousings as well as pump brackets
  • Damping Rings. With V1 design, application between bellhousing and oil tank cover or between bellhousing and foot bracket with IMB 5 design
  • Mounting Flanges. Simplified assembly/disassembly of the drive unit motor/pump incl. pressure line with V1 design


  • Gaskets made from rubberised cork for bell housings, assembly flanges and gear pumps